secure password from command line

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secure password from command line

Postby waynedcam » Mon May 08, 2017 9:50 pm

Hi all,

I am a OpenVPN newbie.. So please be gentle.. lol

Ok, I am switching from the Watchguard SSL-VPN client to OpenVPN because I needed a way to script the launch/connect of the VPN on a schedule for my remote employees. Basically, I am trying to automate a process they should be doing themselves. Anyway, I am just creating a simple batch file, but apparently for this to work, the credentials need to be saved in a text file, in the clear. Is there a way to secure these credentials? My boss is not keen on the users creds being saved in a text file on their computers, especially as these are their domain creds.

I have tried using a generic account created on the Watchguard, that is not a domain account, but I am having issues with that as well. Because our Domain Creds are the default, Watchguard users must use Firebox-DB\username as the login. I have tried entering this in the text file and have not been able to authenticate with it.

So, I either need a way to use the Watchguard user credentials or I need to encrypt or obfuscate the credentials in the text file.

Can someone lead me in the right direction?

Many thanks,


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