Thankful for developers hard work Found a partial W/arou with

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Thankful for developers hard work Found a partial W/arou with

Postby VPNdude » Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:18 pm

II want to thank openVPN developers for their hard work. I'm sure there's openVPN users that have Kaspersky Internet
Protection products who experience marked slowdown when Kaspersky is active. I connect versus WIFI and was finding
that any browser monitored by KSy was surfing very slowly. I decided to use the TAP-driver connection AND at first very slow connection; (with failures to connect) But, once connected I had excellent speed. Before VPN was using Ethernet driver. I went into Ksy firewall, Clicked on Network. Then clicked on Enable TAP-driver and changed from unconnected to connect.
I hope this helps for anyone having speed problems using openVPN. Of course, you could always MS EDGE for browsing,
But, in independent tests this stand alone browser which is not supported by Ksy was much less secure than Firefox,et al
with traditional major co. Antivirus/Inet protection company integration. :)

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